Fan made things and rules about chat!

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Fan made things and rules about chat!

Post  Kieria on Mon Jan 16, 2012 12:15 am

Post here! Tell me all your favrite things. Even your fave Rps! Just make sure it is not inoppraoriate or anything like that nothing with sexual humor or abuse of sexual stuff. No none of that crap >:U. Anyways this forum can use bad words but not heavy ones. Make sure you don't
use the words on anyone else in the chat box (when we get it xD) or I will personally kick you >: ( So don't make me mad! Unless you want your pawn BROWN *grabs ban hammer* Anyways me and the mods are watching Neutral So about some new stuff you say, aye? No problem! We
will assist you in anyway! Just post down below,And the chat boxes and other cool features..Be patiant! I'm working on this stuff....No
Backtalking me about "Well hurry up!" and don't say it to me like this "Well hurry the f**k up!" No not happening I'll kick you or ban. So when
Chat boxes come up, look for the new RULES! There will be new rules, and read them closely! Okay that is all just post below and mean what you are saying! NO CUSSING AT ME!

<3 ~Feral-Soul Admin~ ***Kieria

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