Look for new features!

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Look for new features!

Post  Kieria on Sun Jan 15, 2012 11:48 pm

There will be new features to Feral soul...Like The new unicorn and pegasus Rps,new chat box (Only choose xat),Many other topics and hopefully new Creations..This Forum is alittle based on ITr and FH AND, FH+..Just many lion and wolf Rps. Avani and some mods will hopefully
Get some things together and bundle it up to make the new creations NOTE: One creation is mod and admin talk ONLY! To all admins and
moderators, Please!..If a guest or member wants to know..DO NOT TELL THEM! These creations are to be kept a secret. No joke! Anyways
Of course this forum will get some new features.. If I find any tongue . So..Here are the new features! ------V List down here.............

Newest Feature: (THIS IS THE ADMIN DISSCUTION) **************** Older Feature: (sorta) Chat Box Oldest feature: Just new forum topics! MORE COMING SOON!!!!

~Feral Soul Admin~ **Kieria


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